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Kanye Leaks Remaining YEEZY Footwear Release for 2020

By FashionPlug | 12 September 2020 | 3,251 views | 6 Comments
Kanye West has been relatively active on Twitter lately, and he’s certainly not known for holding things back. In a recent tweet, the titan of rap, footwear, and fashion design revealed a full tentative adidas YEEZY release schedule that runs through the end of December 2020.

Although much of what’s on the sheet shared by ‘Ye has already dropped, there are more than a few unreleased highlights as well. For example, numerous leaked or rumored YEEZY BOOST 380 colorways such as the Pepper, Onyx, LMNTE, and HYLTE GLOW are all slated to drop before the end of the year (all generally around their initial rumored release dates). Additionally, multiple unreleased Foam Runner colorways seem to be in the works; however, the schedule lists two colorways of the model that have yet to materialize as releasing in August, so it seems likely that the silhouette has faced production delays.
August 11,2022 21:09
September 18,2021 14:34
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May 02,2021 00:24
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April 04,2021 15:37
March 31,2021 00:38
Yeezy slides for men what’s the largest size you have
March 13,2021 13:51
I want text 3 pair ! Women 10 1/2 kids 3 1/2 men’s 14 1/2
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