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The RealReal's 2020 Resale Report Reveals Pandemic Trends

By FashionPlug | 01 September 2020 | 1,846 views | 2 Comments
“This has been a year like no other,” Rati Levesque, COO of The RealReal, correctly asserted in a statement.  “As we break down the state of luxury resale, the impacts of the pandemic become clear.  Louis Vuitton is now the number one brand for the first time. … Louis Vuitton edged its way above Gucci by capturing the greatest share of demand among younger demographics, while high demand among men helped keep Gucci well above Chanel.”

These three luxury labels regularly have the greatest success on The RealReal’s resale platform over staples like Dior and Prada, thanks to foldable accessories such as Gucci’s loafers, Chanel’s bags and this year’s most popular piece, Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Neverfull MM.  Further down the list at #9, Balenciaga‘s Triple-S sneaker retained its status as the must-have chunky sneaker.

On the streetwear side, YEEZY sneakers remain as popular as Off-White™ and Supreme, with the sector seeing a massive boost in loungewear, sweatpants and Air Jordan sneakers.
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